brondead: Yu Narukami, Josuke Higashikata, Gentarou Kisaragi. Only one can be your aniki. Who do you choose and why?

Kugashira Bunji.

tepidcartridge: Any particular reason the theme to Scrublords was "The Unsung War" from Ace Combat V? Also props for repping Tetsujin in your Nippon invasion video.

Being a fucking amazing song is reason enough.

mauriciocuervo1246: Hey Woolie, what happen to all ur twitch video? did it get deleted. why & will it get uploaded on the site please :(, i know pokemon is, but do you know what Liam will do with his video since his twitch video are gone too? cant seem to ask him a question on his tumblr for some reason :(

His were never archived.

masterjay33: Hey Woolie, I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I'm black and when it comes to liking characters in any type of media, mostly games, I always find myself liking and playing characters if they're black too. Dose this make me weird only liking other black characters?

No, it’s pretty common. It’s the reason why white male protagonists are used in most games, and why Japanese stuff has the generic teenage student uniform guy. People like playing as things that relate to them because it makes immersion easier. As long as that doesn’t become a requirement for you to enjoy something, it’s fine.