themightymaskerader: Hey Woolie! The Zaibatsu has mentioned the game Evil Zone a few times with much disgust. I've watched Retsuprae's riff on the game, but I'm unsure why it would draw so much ire since it seems so un-notable. Could you shed some light on this mysterious jogo?

It plays like fetid dogshit. It’s the only two button fighter that existed prior to divekick, except divekick was intentionally designed to play that way. Sadly, it gets heavily defended because it had cool presentation, despite being awful gameplay wise.

hunterdnrc: Watched the latest mailbag and I've got two questions for you; what's your favorite poster, and what's in that glass display case behind you?

Mirror’s Edge poster.

The glass case has shelves with statues of Bayo, Samus, Fierce Deity Link, Vergil and Haohmaru.

illliberamyselffromhell: Hey, Woolie. From one guy trying to beat the Golden to another, what Party did you use most in Persona 3, unless you mixed them up? I personally stuck with Yukari Junpei Aigis the whole time.

Akihiko because fuck you it’s Akihiko

Yukari because healing

Koro/Mits/Shinji rotation

meeceace: Wools, how long did it take you to do the conversion from gamepad to arcade stick for fite games? I'm in the progress of converting myself and I'm curious to see how long it took you, since it's a hell of a muscle memory wipe.

Two weeks of daily play.